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Round 1 Done

Round 1 Done

Two exciting games were played after school on Thursday, 2/27.  Mr. Fesnak’s Business team defeated the Film and Video Team in an extremely close game.  Final score was 42-40 with Malik Gibson leading the Business team with 18 points.  Tyson Harrington led the way for Film and Video and he also had 18 points.  Biotech…

Round one underway

March Madness games are underway at Roxborough.  Yesterday the Web Design team defeated Mr. Heleniak’s Business team 66 to 54.  It was an exciting game with a decent crowd in attendance.  Haneef Rushing-Davis scored 18 points for the Business team and Omar Taylor had 16 points.  For the Web Design team James Fowler and Mr….

Academy March Madness

Academy March Madness

Our third annual March Madness competition is about to begin! The schedule is as follows: Tuesday, Feb 25th at 3:15 Web Design vs. Business (Heleniak) Thursday, Feb. 27th at 3:15 Kinesiology vs. Biotechnology AND Film and Video vs. Business (Fesnak) All players/staff must play in the after school game in order to move to the…

Biotech students make Ice Cream

Biotech students made Ice cream in the lab and the science teachers were brave enough to taste test their results!

Students in Biotech pathway attend field trip at GSK

Biotech Students Youth Mental Health Training and GSK Trip

Mrs. Thompson and the Students in the Academy of Health Sciences & Research Biotech Seniors participated in Mental Health training workshop sponsored by Youth Mental Health, First Aid USA. The Academy of Health Sciences & Research Biotech Juniors attended a field trip at GSK, GlaxoSmithKline with Mrs. Thompson.  

Mrs. Thompson, Mr. Kerrigan, Mr. Rauscher, Ms. McFadden and Mrs. Jenkins at the NCAC conference.

Roxborough High School Recognized at the NCAC’s 23rd Conference

From its inception in 1996, NCAC’s (National Career Academy Coalition) mission has been to provide collaborative support and resources for existing and emerging career academies. The Academies @ Roxborough High School was recognized at the NCAC’s (National Career Academy Coalition) 23rd conference held in Philadelphia.  Teachers from as far as Hawaii attended the conference and visited…

Kinesiology & Biotech Students participate in Chat & Chew with industry professionals

Academy of Health Sciences & Research Chat & Chew

HS&R FIRST Chat and Chew This idea came from Mr. Thomas last year. The Academy of Health Sciences & Research on the first Friday of the next few months with our OAC members will speak with 6 seniors every month..1/2 KIN and 1/2 BIOTECH. It’s an opportunity for the OAC members to share their experiences…

Biotech Students visit GSK

The Visiting Students Program at GSK The Visiting Students Program, sponsored by R&D Science in Schools, aims to inspire high school students toward pursuing science and technology careers through a one-day visit to our US Research and Development Hub. Students will meet the actual scientists and professionals who discover and develop medicines for patients in…

Academy of health sciences and research at Roxborough logo

NCAC Announces that The Academy of Health Sciences and Research at Roxborough High School Has Achieved National Model Status

The Academy of Health Sciences and Research at Roxborough High School has earned national distinction by achieving Model Career Academy status.  This is the highest designation awarded by the National Career Academy Coalition (NCAC). In addition to being a prestigious honor, NCAC Model Status certifies that a specific career academy demonstrates excellence according to The…

"Healthy Sneaker" Project Models

The “Healthy Sneaker” Project at The Academies @ Roxborough

This spring, PAI Academic Project Coordinator Dr. Maggie Pedone collaborated with Lydia Parsons and Molly Reingold of District 1199C Training and Upgrading Fund to design a “Healthy Sneakers” Project for The Academies at Roxborough High School.  10th grade students in the Biotechnology and Kinesiology pathways participated in this Project-Based Learning challenge with the goal of collaborating…