Principal’s Message

December 9, 2021

Dear Roxborough High School Community,

Thank you for your continued commitment to Roxborough High School. While change surrounds us, your dedication to the students and community of Roxborough are steadfast. I reach out to you today with information about some of the ongoing changes at our school. Dr. Chris Shaffer will be stepping down as school principal to pursue a new opportunity in northeast Pennsylvania. We are excited for him, and we are grateful for the leadership he has provided. With his pending departure, the Roxborough leadership team has sought to identify an interim principal who can carry Roxborough forward.

We have decided to appoint Ms. Kristin Williams-Smalley as the interim principal of Roxborough High School for the remainder of the 2021-2022 school year. Ms. Williams-Smalley will officially begin her role as interim principal on January 3, 2022. Ms. Williams-Smalley brings with her an awareness of and strong dedication to the mission of the Roxborough High School community. She is a passionate leader with a commitment to caring, collaborating, and working closely with staff and families to improve outcomes for students. Additionally, she has expressed a desire to strengthen bridges to the surrounding community to ensure strong collaboration and increased opportunities for students in their CTE programming. These are important qualities that led to the decision to appoint Ms. Williams-Smalley as the interim school leader of Roxborough High School. We are pleased to have her at the helm, and we look forward to supporting her leadership.

Ms. Williams-Smalley will shadow Dr. Shaffer for the remainder of December as part of her initial transition into the position. This will provide an opportunity for her to observe the school’s operations and learn from students and staff. Beginning in Winter 2022, we will begin the search for a permanent principal to lead the Roxborough community.

In closing, I would like to send a special thank you to Principal Chris Shaffer for the service and care he bestowed on the Roxborough High School Community. We wish him continued success in his new endeavor.

Best regards,
Noah Tennant
Assistant Superintendent
Learning Network 4

December 9, 2021
Estimada comunidad de la escuela secundaria de Roxborough,
Gracias por su compromiso continuo con la escuela secundaria de Roxborough. El cambio nos rodea y su dedicación a los estudiantes y la comunidad de Roxborough es inquebrantable. Me comunico con ustedes hoy con información sobre uno de los cambios en curso en nuestra escuela. El Dr. Chris Shaffer dejará el cargo de director de la escuela para aprovechar una nueva oportunidad en el noreste de Pensilvania. Estamos emocionados por él y agradecidos por el liderazgo que ha brindado. Con su partida pendiente, los líderes de Roxborough han identificado una directora interina que puede llevar adelante a la escuela secundaria de Roxborough.

Hemos decidido nombrar a la Sra. Kristin Williams-Smalley como directora interina de Roxborough High School por el resto del año escolar 2021-2022. La Sra. Williams-Smalley comenzará oficialmente su función como directora interina el 3 de enero de 2022. La Sra. Williams-Smalley tiene un conocimiento y una fuerte dedicación a la misión de la comunidad de la escuela secundaria de Roxborough. Es una lideresa apasionada con el compromiso de cuidar, colaborar y trabajar de cerca con el personal y las familias para mejorar los resultados de los estudiantes. Además, ha expresado el deseo de fortalecer la conexión entre la escuela y la comunidad para garantizar una colaboración fuerte y mayores oportunidades para los estudiantes en la programación de Educación Vocacional y Técnica (CTE, Career and Technical Education). Estas son cualidades importantes que nos guiaron a la decisión de nombrar a la Sra. Williams-Smalley como lideresa interina de la escuela secundaria de Roxborough. Nos complace tenerla al frente de la escuela y estamos emocionados poder apoyar su liderazgo.

Durante el resto de diciembre, como parte de su transición inicial al puesto la Sra. Williams-Smalley acompañará al Dr. Shaffer para aprender más sobre el puesto de directora de la escuela secundaria de Roxborough. Esto le aportará la oportunidad de observar las operaciones de la escuela y aprender de los estudiantes y el personal. A partir del invierno de 2022, comenzaremos la búsqueda de un director permanente para dirigir la comunidad de Roxborough.

Para terminar, me gustaría enviar un agradecimiento especial al director Chris Shaffer por la atención que ha concedido a la comunidad de la escuela secundaria de Roxborough. Le deseamos un éxito continuo en su nuevo esfuerzo.

Noah Tennant Superintendente adjunto


Principal’s Message

Greetings from The Academies at Roxborough High School! We appreciate your visit to our website and we are excited to share some of the fantastic things that are happening here.

While we continue to maintain the time-honored traditions that are part of Roxborough’s history and identity, our school continues in the process of incredible transformation. Thanks to the tireless efforts of our teachers and to gracious support from a variety of external partners, our implementation of the all academy model is already greatly benefiting our current students, and will expand in the 2017-18 school year. We currently house four separate academies. When students exit our Freshman Academy, they will enter either the Academy of Visual Arts Production, the Academy of Business Technology and Entrepreneurship, or the Academy of Health and Sciences and Research. Once enrolled in one of these academies, each student will spend three years immersed in one of five career pathway programs: Film and Video Production, Web Design, Business Technology, Biotechnology, and Kinesiology. Thus far, our implementation of the all academy model has had a powerful impact upon our students: the vast majority of our graduates are accepted into college, and a significant percentage of our seniors earn industry certifications in the career paths they’ve followed since they were sophomores.

Whether you are a current parent or student or someone who just wants to see what our school is all about, I thank you for your interest in our rapidly evolving and growing school. If you would like to see The Academies at Roxborough for yourself, please contact our main office so that we can arrange a tour for you.