Our Mission
“The Academies at Roxborough High School develop strong college and career competencies that empower students to compete in our global society.”

Here are some useful links for your success at the Academies @ Roxborough

Report Cards through the Student Portal and Parent & Family Portal!
●  Students will be able to access their own report cards through the Student Portal.
●  Parents/Guardians will be able to access their students’ report cards through the Parent & Family Portal.

Steppers outlining how students and parents/guardians will be able to access report cards are linked below:
●  Student Portal Report Card Stepper
●  Parent & Family Portal Report Card Stepper

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers for Students and Parents About Chromebooks and Report Cards FAQs Sheet for Parents & Guardians

Credits and promotion to the next grade
Students in grades 9, 10, and 11 will be promoted to the next grade level if they accumulate the following credits:
Grade 9 to 10: 5 credits
Grade 10 to 11: 11 credits
Grade 11 to 12: 17.5 credits