Health Information & Forms

School Year Preparation

The State of Pennsylvania Mandates that all students receive Required Vaccinations/Immunizations to attend school.  All 9th graders or students transferring to Roxborough High School should have a physical exam, a dental exam and all vaccinations required for school attendance.  ***Reminder 11th graders advancing to 12th grade or students 16 years old should receive the Meningococcal Conjugate Vaccine (MCV4).

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Health Room Services
The Health Room is located on the first floor, room 105 at Roxborough High School.  The school nurse, Ms. Charles may be reached at 215-400-3400 ext. 3, voicemail is confidential and password protected.

Health Information and Medication Administration

If your child is in good health, has a chronic health condition, wears glasses or corrective lenses please fill out the Student Health Status Form and the Student Emergency/Medical Information Form.  These forms will assist the nurse in caring for your child when he/she is at school.  The Student Emergency/Medical Information form also contains a section that will let the school nurse know if you give permission for your child to receive the standing order for Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen.  This form also contains an opt-out provision if you do not want your child to receive the standing order for Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen. Please check the appropriate boxes on the form and return it to the school nurse.

Students who experience a minor, non-chronic complaint of pain or discomfort may receive Acetaminophen from the school district standing order, provided the parent or guardian has not opted out of this service. Female students who experience menstrual cramps may receive Ibuprofen from the standing order, when a parent has not opted out of this service.  Each of these medications is provided to alleviate discomfort so the student may attend classes.  Persistent and recurrent complaints will require authorization from the students’ primary care provider for repeated doses of medication.  These Medications are not administered after 2:00 PM.

The Student Health form and the Student Emergency/Medical Information forms also have a section for the parent/guardian to fill out emergency contact information.  Please remember to update emergency contacts when they change.  This will ensure that we will be able to contact you as soon as possible, if your child becomes ill or is injured while at school.  ***These forms should be filled our every school year.

Medication Administration

When possible medications should be given at home.  Medication will be administered at school, only when a student requires medication in school, and the medication cannot be given outside of school hours.

If your child needs to take medication at school for an acute or a chronic illness please have your child’s doctor full out left side of the Request for Administration of Medication form. The parent/guardian should fill out the left side of the form.  Please provide medication, and medical supplies in the original packaging provided by the pharmacist.

When these requirements are met a student may receive the medication in school.  This process is the same when the medication is an over the counter medication.  The medicine is to be dropped off at school by a responsible adult.  Students are not permitted to carry medication to, from or in school, unless it is an emergency medication that has been authorized to be self-carried by the primary care provider.

It is important for students to have emergency medications such as Albuterol and Epinephrine available in school, because it is impossible to predict when a student may need these treatments.  These types of medications should be available for any child who has a history of needing them in the past.  Physicians typically provide prescriptions for use at school and for use at home.

School Nurse

During the school year your school nurse:

1)   Reviews required 9th grade physicals and

2)   State mandated immunizations,

3)   Monitors and develops school health plans for students with chronic illnesses,

4)   Prepares 504 Plans and

5)   Serves as a member of the School Team preparing IEPs for students with health conditions

6)   Conducts screenings for growth, vision and hearing at designated times, among other duties

***Please ensure that your child receives follow up care from an appropriate provider when notified of a vision, hearing or growth screen failure.

The school nurse may also see students for acute illnesses or injuries, which occur during the school day.  Students visiting the school nurse must have a pass from the classroom teacher.

***Please note: We are not permitted to send ill or injured children home alone, an adult must pick them up.   Please identify at least 2 responsible adults for this task, in the event you are not able to pick your child up from school.

Health Insurance and Behavioral Health Services

The school nurse may assist families seeking information regarding local primary health care providers or health insurance for their child.  If a child needs counseling or behavioral health services, please contact Member Services at the phone number on the back of the child’s insurance card.