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Fans at the round 1 march madness games

March Madness Round 1

Freshman and Film & Video Teams Advance!!!! Wow! Two competitive games were played after school today and the crowd was extra hype.  The Freshmen team defeated the Biotechnology team 73-63.  Mr. Q and Mr. McKenna led by example as they battled for victory.  They both had their share of 3s.  Sean Robinson was a crowd-pleaser…

Coach McKenna

Coach of the Year & All Public Players

Congratulations to Jeff McKenna on being named Coach of the Year for the American Division in basketball! The team finished Overall 18-5 Conference 11-0. Also, two of our players were named All-Public for Basketball. They are James Jones (1st team) and Sean Robinson (3rd team).  

Academies at Roxborough teachers & Students organizing March Madness games

Academies @ Roxborough March Madness

A March Madness tournament was organized by Deputy Commissioners, the Johnson brothers, with League Commissioner Mrs. Arnold and Mr. Vance, our Official Sportscaster.  March Madness Round One had eight Academy teams competing: Four teams competed on Tuesday, Feb. 27th after school (Freshmen vs. Freshmen and Biotech vs. Kinesiology)  & Four teams competed on Wednesday, Feb. 28th after…