March Madness Semi-Finals

Article by: Mrs. Arnold

What a way to end the week! Two competitive games kept the crowds dummy lit.  In the first game the Freshman Academy took on the defending champs, Kinesiology.  The game ended 45-44 and the freshmen got the dub. Not gonna lie, my money’s on the freshmen to win it all…no cap.  Mr. Rick was the MVP hands-down.  The freshmen played smart and listened to the coaching of veteran baller, Mr. Q.  Omar Taylor and Maleek Tyler wowed the crowd with their moves.  Kinesiology was led by Mr. Kerrigan’s steady hand and his top players, James Jones, aka Champ, Sean Lee and Yaddy.

Academy March Madness fans in the stands Academy March Madness action on the court Academy March Madness fans in the stands

In the second game the Film and Video team held strong to defeat Fesnak’s Business team.  Mr. Fesnak and Mr. Muhammad played a much more physical game and showed that the old heads won’t get pushed around.  Malik Nelson continued to shine and played hard until the bitter end.  Mrs. Henshaw coached her business ballers and kept Malik from getting T’d up.  Mr. Perricone and Mr. Feleccia led their team to victory with some old-time ball moves.  Let’s not forget Deyvon Davis-Walker who certainly stood out on the court.  Coach McKenna- how did you miss him???

Academy March Madness Mr. Mckenna with Q is old sign
Academy March Madness Mr. Q on the court

Where’s your sign now?

Academy March Madness action on the court

Games like these two really put the “madness” in March Madness.  Special props to Mr. Nori, Mr. Dumsha and Mr. McGavin for keeping everyone safe.  There certainly were a few heated moments!  Let’s not forget Bayyinah Muttalib-Thomas and Jamie Laumeister for keeping the book and running the clock.  Great job ladies!

Next up- The Championship which will be held on March 29th at 1:30.  We will have half-time competitions for the crowd and a DJ.  Looking forward to a good time.

Academy March Madness fans with Go Brandon sign Academy March Madness teachers on the sidelines