Class of ’21 website for the M.A.C. Academy

Media Arts & Communication websiteStudents in Web Design 3 this past year spent their virtual class time exploring the design process from an industry perspective by creating a website for the Visual Arts Production, now Media Arts & Communication Academy.  Students learned and explored the various positions and their job responsibilities in a communications/design firm and became Studio312, a web design firm.  Each student applied for a position in content development, graphic design, UI/UX, copy writing, and site development. The class was tasked with two goals, one goal to  create a site that promoted the academy. The second goal is to appeal to Middle School students and 9th grade students and encourage those interested in careers in the Communication Arts to apply to the M.A.C. Academy.

The result is the Class of ’21 website for the M.A.C. Academy.  CLICK HERE

Class of ’21 Studio312 Team:

Creative Director: Mrs. Bender, Web Design Teacher.

Web Editor:  James McHale

UX- Research & Analytics: K. Faulk

UX- Design: C. Porterfield

UI: J. Patel, D. Lane

Content: M. Johnson

Copywriter: Z. Rhodan

Media: D. Palmer, J. Greer

Social Media: K. Faulk, T. Alexander

Graphic Design Team: J. Patel, D. Lane