Club Opportunities Virtual 2020

The Philly Youth Cycling Team

(begins Sept 29) – Committed team members (requires a 3 hour per week time commitment) receive a FREE indoor bike for training and virtual practices. Great way for students to stay in shape and receive free coaching, cross-training, nutrition/cooking classes, and team unity. This program also has “leveling up” opportunities for students to advance with leadership opportunities, earn jerseys and other swag, and earn scholarships. Click here for all details & how to apply. CYCLING TEAM LINK


(begins Sept 21) – Meets twice a week, but worth joining even if students can join only 1 day/week. Great club for making friends and developing sense of community. Using our voices and engaging with music is an EXCELLENT way to keep morale up and work on our mental health during these challenging times. Even if folks are unsure, but just feel curious and want to try it out once, please apply! Click here to apply. CHOIR LINK

Any students who are interested can reach out to me so I can answer questions and help them apply. Thank you for playing your part in connecting students to these great opportunities! More clubs to come soon!

Brittany Grabois | College & Workforce Coordinator
STEAM Coordinator @ Roxborough High School