SENIORS Frequently Asked Questions

When will I be receiving my diploma?
●      The diplomas will be mailed to you. The exact date has not been determined.

●      If you have moved in the last few months please share your new address with us so that it is not lost in the mail.

When will the Virtual Graduation take place?
●      Wednesday, June 10th (the original date of your Graduation).

●      The exact time and link has not been determined yet.

●      Prepare for a 10am first showing and it will most likely be a YouTube.

Why am I not getting a cap and gown? 
●      Caps and gowns ordered by the School District.

●      There is no charge for this.

●      Caps and gowns will be distributed on Monday, 6/8 at RHS, 9am-3pm.

●      Details will be posted on RHS website and social media platforms.

But didn’t I pay for it already?
●      If you paid your $225 dues, you will be refunded.

When will I be refunded? 
●      It hasn’t been determined yet if you will be sent a refund in the mail or if you will have to come to school to get it at some point.

When can I come to school to clean out my locker?
●      The date has not been determined yet.

When do we return books and athletic gear?
●      The date has not been determined yet.