Unified Sports Team

Roxborough Students, there is an unbelievable opportunity we would like to inform you of for this upcoming school year (2020-21)! Roxborough, is offering the opportunity to join a Special Olympics team, that is accompanied with a gym class for credits.

Incoming 9th graders may take this in place of their regular gym class, and 11th & 12th graders may choose this class as an elective, if all their classes have been passed.

All practices and sporting events occur during the school day. You will be competing against other peers of the same ability level in Bocce Ball, soccer, and track & field, throughout the school year, while you mentor other students during sporting events and practices. On this team, and in this class, all teammates will be treated fairly and equally. This could be your chance to shine. Special Olympics, besides being a lot of fun and rewarding, also helps you advance in life.  Special Olympics, looks amazing on college and job applications. It shows initiative and compassion. Two qualities employers and Universities look highly upon.  You will have three coaches if you join, Coach Smyth, Coach Geiger, and Coach Devenney. Coach Geiger and Smyth will be present at all events.  Please consider joining our team, as it is an experience you will cherish long after High School is over.  Your involvement will also make your peers feel included and that is the name of our game.


Check out the link below, to see what we’re all about!