Academies @ Roxborough HS 1st Special Olympics inclusion class

Academies @ Roxborough HS 1st Special Olympics inclusion class. Ms. Smyth and Ms. Geiger have paired up with Mr. Nori & Mr. Stanley to help build inclusion opportunities for all of our students, starting with the 9th grade. According to the teachers it was a wonderful experience. The students were making candy grams for their grandparents and family members. There was 100% student participation and the students had an opportunity to see that they actually have a lot in common with one another.

We will continue to foster these relationships in hopes that we can build a more robust Special Olympics program and a school-wide culture of empathy & collegiality.

Below are pictures from our first Special Olympics/Inclusion class, with Mr. Stanley’s 5th period, Freshman seminar, which was a huge success! The students were so receptive and helpful!