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Congratulations to our Graduating Class of 2024!

Wolf logo Welcome to our school Principal Smalley’s Welcome Message

Dear Academies at Roxborough High School Families:
It is almost time to start a new school year! My entire team and I are excited and ready to safely welcome all of our students back to school starting

All summer, we have been preparing for an incredible new school year. We are adding both physical and academic processes and tools to continue to protect everyone’s health and wellbeing in our school.

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Kristin Williams Smalley

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Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA)

In 2017, the district embarked on the accreditation/re-accreditation process with a goal of having every high school accredited with renewal membership, or accredited as a new member with the Middle States Association. Since 2017, thirty-seven (37) of our high schools have successfully achieved MSA Accreditation.

Roxborough is one of the high schools that needs to be re-accredited by the MSA with the accreditation process beginning this school year, as the final group to be accredited by MSA for our school district. WE NEED YOUR HELP. PLEASE COMPLETE THE SURVEY BELOW.

MSA brochure about accreditation along with MSA Alignment with our District’s Goals & Guardrails.

Process of Accreditation

Accreditation is about Efficacy and Commitment… the belief that we can make a difference. As such, accreditation is an improvement process and an accountability system. It is an ongoing process, not just a status. Using internationally recognized standards, an institution conducts a comprehensive self-study and evaluation, as well as submitting to a rigorous peer review process.

The process we are using for accreditation is Achieving Excellence System Wide, which encourages the use of data driven decision-making to increase student performance and the school’s organizational capacity. Achieving Excellence System Wide starts with the end in mind. It examines the following: a) what is the school’s preferred future, b) how does it compare with the school’s current reality, and c) what does the school need to do to close the gap between the current reality and the preferred future? A formula to summarize this is Future – Present = School Improvement Plan.

What is the timeline? The typical timeline for this process is 12-18 months.

What does this process entail? A concept map of the process is shown below.

Middle States Process flowchart

Where are we in the process? We are at the second step in the accreditation process, which is to administer Middle States Association (MSA) surveys to all staff, students, and families.

Graduation Requirements

Students must meet one of Pennsylvania’s five pathways outlined to earn a diploma and demonstrate career and/or college readiness.  Please click below to read about graduation requirements for the Class of 2023.

ENGLISH_Act 158 Graduation Requirements_CLICK HERE

SPANISH_Act 158 Graduation Requirements   CLICK HERE

More information regarding Pennsylvania’s state graduation requirements can be found at

Parents & Students CLICK HERE for State Vaccine requirements for Academies @ Roxborough students to attend school during the 2022-2023 school year.

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